One of my latest obsessions is I like to put things in my little shopping basket – and ‘save for later’ (for when I have money). I don’t often buy; but it’s the act of shopping that calms me. It’s therapeutic for me. I’m also a list maker if that puts things in perspective for you. The ‘save for later’ basket however only stores your wish list for 30 days – and as you check in to ‘shop’ you can check your list and see some of your items drop in price (woot woot!); and also become ‘no longer in stock’. It’s quite depressing when you think dammit! I should have bought that when I had the chance.

Here are the pair of dungarees I really wanted. Now it appears they are out of stock. Good thing I didn’t order them as I don’t think they would have suited me anyway. Mxim.


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