the power of twitter

There’s a special person whose managed to bring tears to my eyes today. And those who know me, know they don’t flow that easily. Only those who are on this wonderful platform called twitter will know that more than any other social platform we have available, twitter is the one space that allows you to truly connect with others – on a level that transcends liking the same things, being in the same industry… that’s why when people say, ‘facebook is for the friends you had in school, twitter is for the friends you wish you had’ it truly resonates with those who know what I’m talking about here. Two of my twitter connections have manifested themselves into my reality and I have loved them both!

One of those people is someone whom I only know as @Akona1 but every time she tweets I smile or laugh with implicit understanding or agree or invite further explanation – to get to know the person and get an idea of context. Today she shared her powerful story on her blog, Mosaic – in the face of this ugly story about a gang rape of a school pupil by her fellow classmates that has recently broken and how even with video footage nothing has been done to the perpetrators. In fact all I’ve heard is that no arrests have been made and that it transpires the victim was intoxicated. As if that has anything to do with it.

So Akona told us about her rape when she was 15 and is urging us to: ‘Let’s march, Let’s Shout, Let’s petition, whatever! Let us please do something.’
Had it not been for twitter, I probably would never have heard your story Akona.

Respect lady.


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