the folly of youth

So I mentioned before how there seemed suddenly so many options available to me now – and I’ve decided to apply my energy first and foremost to matters of the mind. I’d promised myself when I graduated that I’d always find a will (and a way) to study further. You see, it only dawned on me after I left Rhodes University where I majored in French and English, that I wasted the amazing opportunity to make the most of the resources available to me. I was a late bloomer you see – and try as I might to do otherwise, meeting new people, drinking, experimenting, travelling, partying at Pop Art Cafe, going to out-of-town raves, kissing boys, staying up all night, hanging out at kaif, falling in love, honing my skills talking nonsense on air and playing music on live music radio and other such delicious activities were to me the main priorities. I had the time of my life yes! It didn’t dawn on me that it was possible to do both just with less fervour on the nightscapades and more oomph at lectures. O the folly of youth.

So now I’m looking at courses to enrol in next year. I’m looking at online stuff which for me is the most exciting space to dabble in right now. But O boy is studying expensive! So I’ve found the will – I’ve just gotta work out the way.


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