wet weather poor spirit

Clouds raining

The weather this past week threatened to kill my spirit. Wet weather though usually welcome – sometimes even danced for earlier this year – after a few days becomes tedious and bloody annoying actually. Especially when you have family visiting from a cold icy country such as Norway, two kids stuck indoors one who wants to watch Cartoon Network or Disney Channel 24/7, the other who’s too young to know what she really wants so just whines; a pile of dirty laundry piling up higher and higher, no decent food in the fridge, a husband who’s trying to sleep off a hangover after a cheesy concert and a public holiday threatening to slip away uncelebrated.

I have never felt such sudden and intense joy as I did when the sun came out of nowhere yesterday and just made my heart sing as we headed down to Parkhurst to shake off the cabin fever come rain or shine. And as the gloomy weather lifted, Joburg started coming to life and the pavement cafes started filling up. I don’t know how people can survive living in countries where it’s always miz, raining or snowing. For me it’s an important part of my mental wellbeing.

Sun = happiness!


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