the hunt for the perfect jacketblazercoatcape

On many occasions I’ve professed my undying love for the sun. But the truth is I’m a winter girl at heart and nothing delights me more than wool, leather and any excuse to stay snug. But hey I’m on the Gemini/Cancer cusp – and I have two sides. While I love fraternising, flirting and being out and about; I also love holing up, shutting the world out and escaping into a world of books and movies under a warm blanket.

And though it might be slightly premature I’m already looking for my perfect winter jacket and I’m in two minds about six styles. Have a look at the jackets below and let me know which you think I should get. Forget colour, brand and cut, I’m just looking at style inspiration. Not in my wildest dreams could I afford a Karen Millen flying jacket or a Boutique by Jaeger trench… It’s basically short vs long; classic vs trendy; coat vs blazer. Kaloku I can only afford one.

Karen Millen flying jacket

Warehouse tailored blazer


Boutique by Jaeger trench


Oasis studded biker jacket


French Connection big shoulder blazer


Asos contrast trim cape



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