fresh fridays: koop

I’ve created another excuse to share and talk about music I’m obsessed with at any given moment. I’m calling it fresh fridays. The music is not only going to be new but it always be fresh in sound, in spirit and in style.
This band has me completely whipped. I’ve been playing it day in and day out. I’m sure my iPod is sick of it already. My eldest sister who lives in Oslo introduced me to them a couple of years ago and I’ve only just recently downloaded their music – yes, I have finally embraced the era of digital music. So the band’s called Koop. The first time I heard them I didn’t know who they were but it was on a show called So you Think You Can Dance – and this song provided the backdrop to what has become one of the show’s most memorable routines, famously dubbed the butt dance. If you’re keen to check it out I’ve included the video on the next page…

So a bit of background: Koop is the Stockholm-based Oscar Simonsson & Magnus Zingmark. It’s not an orchestra playing in the background but a series of clips put together to make up new songs. That’s what makes them sound so fresh. There are lots of guest vocals on various albums: Ane Brun (who sings on this track), Yukimi Nagano, Hilde Louise Asbjornsen, Rob Gallagher and Mikael Sundin.

They are so bloody cool these guys!

Check out the butt dance here


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