choosing a new hairdo

As a black woman, hair is a constant struggle. We spend thousands of rands every year trying to maintain hair which is not naturally gorgeous. but one thing we do have over other hair types is the ability to literally transform our hair – from braids to straightening, perming and dreading. And every year as someone who’s sported ichiskop for a very long time, I have this compulsion to grow it and try something new.

So once again, I’ve decided (for now) to grow it and am building up a folder of ‘possible hairdos’. I’m just going to have to see whether my hair texture and thickness once grown out will lend itself to such dos. What are your thoughts? I’m really leaning towards kelis’ cut.

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3 thoughts on “choosing a new hairdo

  1. Nam’ I’m over this dreaded hair and need something new. Agree with your sis. The Halle look would be perfect for you. M’na…a from is so much work…looks like that’s the only real option for me. Eish.

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