country getaway

So my best friend and sister is moving to Barcelona in a few weeks. I’m so happy or her but the closer it gets to her leaving, the more I realize how lonely I’m going to be without her. And I wish I could experience this exciting gorgeous city with her. As you all know I’ve been pining to move to the East but it’s become more apparent to me, it’s not the allure of the East I’m attracting to but the experience of something new and fresh and unknown. the East just happens to represent that package. I would love to live and work abroad for a few years and my little girl would only be richer for the experience – as our family was when we lived in New York all those years ago.

So anyway, my sister and I are headed out for a day and a night at Tintswalo at Waterfall. I’m calling it our country getaway but really the place is just close to Woodmead and Sunninghill so… not quite country but close enough as you can see from the picture.
This will be one of our last jaunts together 😦

But I’m already planning to visit Barcelona in June – perfect timing to celebrate both our Gemini birthdays at the Sonar Festival!


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