low budget local productions

How many posts are you allowed to do in a day? Okay this is my third one – I guess I’m making up for all the days I missed in December…

Just wanted to chat to you quickly about this show that premiered last night on the Series Channel called Rivals in Romance. There I was expecting to watch a glossy international dating show (which I’m always a sucker for) and up pops this embarrassing (to watch) local production where we are introduced to these apparently ‘hunky’ (one of my worst descriptors – see picture above) bachelors we’re all supposed to go ga-ga over; followed by a badly-dressed runway on which 20 or so girls paraded in the cheapest outfits imaginable. It was ‘so bad it was so good’ – said my fellow viewer @alambchop and I completely agree. Makes for excellent twitterfodder. Twitter is at it’s best when there’s a show we can all bitch about and insult. Sad but true.

But really, what is the problem with local produced reality TV shows? Is it the actors or the low budget productions –  because we just can’t seem to put together a slick production that would be enjoyed by any audience. Hayi man.


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