markets are the new malls

I love the return to markets selling fresh and organic produce, vintage clothing and fresh new design items that Johannesburg is undergoing. There seems to be one popping ever month this year and I’m not complaining. The less mall trawling we have to do, the better.

Today we were at the first Market on Main at Arts on Main. What a festive atmosphere there was – it’s clear us Joburgers are starved of such spaces because everyone who is anyone was there. And it felt much like a mall rush on Christmas eve – only with nicer people. The space works but the use of it perhaps still needs some work. The music indoors was far to loud. Pebbles (I think it was) was killing us with her loud piercing voice, beautiful though it is. That level of loud music needs a bigger space and I think a DJ playing softer tunes would have worked more effectively. Outdoors, every available blade of grass was occupied with market revellers, cyclists and dog walkers. Dogs? Why did people bring their dogs? Just causing extra confusion… Anyway, there’s a need for more space or seating. And then lastly, an operational ATM would have been grand as well as more food. My little girl was almost passing out with hunger as we were told at mostly every stall we visited – sorry, we’re sold out. I can understand this is the first market so there will be teething problems but if a space is advertised as a food and design market from 10am-3pm you can be guaranteed of a throng of brunch and late lunch seekers. We should have been overwhelmed by the variety and quantity of food on offer. It’s such a great idea and I really hope it will be better next time…

So also new and coming to Joburg in the way of markets – the Flea market which is held at the Alliance Francaise in Parkview (not sure if it’s going to be a regular occurrence but love the poster); and then The Monaghan Farm market out near Lanseria starts end of the month.


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