what’s with the kardashians?

I’ve been asked this repeatedly: what is it about the Kardashians that has the world gripped? And not in puzzlement but rather in mutual wonder and admiration. Yes I seddit! (in Chris Rock voice). I like the Kardashians. Even those of you who laugh and scoff at these gorgeous sisters share the same fascination tinged with a bit of envy. Yes – we all wish we lived that kind of ‘easy’ life – although I’m sure Kim would be quick to tell us being a celebrity socialite is hard work. And she’d be right. I believe her.

But I think what makes the trio (excluding mama Kris) is that most of us would imagine that that is how we’d be if we were dealt the same cards. Shopping, doing some charity work, flying to exotic destinations, doing photo shoots, having babies, visiting friends, eating our, clubbing, endorsing, shopping, buy property, decorate, date, get married, have babies, fight with our spouses, get annoyed with one another… it’s hard to hate these beautiful sisters who think so highly of each other, who share such a deep connection and don’t pretend like they’re anything but socialites.

I can just imagine my three beautiful sisters and I on reality TV…

… my eldest sister (in the middle) would make chaotic guest appearances with her beautiful son cos they live abroad (she’s crazy like that)’ my little sister (not born yet) would be the rebellious overachiever who’s trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life and just about to enter the job market; Zanele (on the right) would be the well-put together fashionista much like the Kim character; I (on the left) would be the married mom and career woman going through the everyday motions of trying to find balance, my mom would be the caring voice of reason but totally into the whole reality show thing cos she’s cool like that and much like the fifth sister; and my dad would refuse to be a part of it 😉 See what I’m getting at?

Imagine you were part of a celebrity family reality show. What role would you and all your family members play?

Quick aside: don’t you just love Kim’s look in the photo above! Image via Instyle.com


2 thoughts on “what’s with the kardashians?

  1. Lol this is so funny, at least you have sisters, mine would be so boring imagine Kim and 3 Robs who act more like Scott! Plus Khumalos, Kardashians close enough.

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