twitter and facebook shutdown in egypt

I read today that Twitter and Facebook has been shut down in Egypt. I haven’t been paying attention to that part of world so I had to read up a little on what’s been happening there. There has been a lot of protest and unrest regarding poor living conditions and the country’s autocratic government led by Hosni Mubarak and the people are calling for his deposition. The violent clash began this morning when demonstrators insisted on sleeping on the square in protest and security forces retaliated with teargas (in a singsong newsreader voice). If you want to read more about the protests and unrest, read the The Guardian and Informed Thought for more insight

It’s so strange how suddenly you start to see or pay attention to things you wouldn’t ordinarily view with interest… but anyway a feature from a photographer based abroad came across my desk selling a story on Egypt citing the country as the largest and most active blogosphere in the Arab world. I wondered how they featured compared against the world. So not surprisingly, these powerful social networking tools which act as their way of mobilising demonstrators and protesters, have been shut down by government.

When are we going to learn?

PS Doesn’t that guy with the dark eyes in the picture look a little like James Franco?


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