i just joined quora

People who know me know I have a huge missing out complex. It seems to have dissipated over the years in some areas but in others, like the Internet, it rears its head unabashedly. I’ve been reading about Quora but not really paying attention – partly because I really don’t need another social networking account to maintain and partly because I’m so absorbed by Twitter for now. That is until I read a tweet via @TechCrunch posing the question: Is Quora The New Twitter? Strange because soon after joining Twitter that was the first question I asked: What’s after Twitter?So the question was what compelled me to explore and read further and I’m trying as I write to sign up with Quora but as it turns out – you need to be invited. This I find strange moments ago when I first logged onto Quora it asked me to Facebook Connect and I was instantly relieved. There’s a lot to be said for linking the private Facebook account with these other platforms but hell, laziness is the overriding and deciding factor so I clicked. and i registered (or seemed to register) my details asking me to confirm. Soon after it felt like I’d been identified as some sort of imposter and the site refused to log me in. I now wait patiently for someone called Ramine Darabiha to invite me…

So while I wait let me tell you what I’ve found out about Quora so far:

1. You register

2. You can answer or ask any question about anything that interests you

3. Users vote whether they like or dislike the answers submitted

4.The answers with the most likes rises to the top and becomes the first answer to the question; the most disliked answer disappears and the person’s name appears in a faded colour


*gasps* Oh wait! I’ve just logged onto Quora and it’s giving me that log in with Facebook or Twitter account option again. I’ll be right back!


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