the iPad finally lands in SA

I am so excited about the arrival of the iPad in SA! My sister Zanele has had one for the past few months and I have tried to keep myself from spewing green venom whenever I see her playing with it… My little iPod Touch however helped assuage the feelings of jealousy but truthfully, the iPad is all I want(ed)! So the little 16GB will retail at R4 399 but I think the one to go for is the 32GB with 3G for R5 399 for those occasions (most) where there’s no WiFi – free or not. The dream of course would be the 64GB with 3G for R7 599 and really it’s only a leetle bit more. You can get more pricing info at Core Group.

I have to find a way to get myself one of these babies! And I’d be happy with the entry level!


One thought on “the iPad finally lands in SA

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