how to stay on the soup diet

It wasn’t easy but I did it. Seven days of non-stop soup eating – with a few bananas and beef thrown in between – is rather exquisite torture but totally do-able. The first three or four days that are ok, but as you cross over the half way mark and the weekend looms ever closer it’s pretty tough to keep off the things that spell relaxation – a glass of wine, eating out, a treat of any sort… but I’m glad I did because I managed to lose enough (I don’t have a scale you see) to fit much more comfortably into clothes that I had been avoiding. And once you lose those few pounds, it’s much easier to stay on the straight and narrow. So these would be my tips on how to stick with the diet…

1. Re-invent the soup every meal or at least make up a fresh batch every night. Then it feels like you are eating something different every day.

2. Clear your calendar for seven days. There is no easy way to introduce a tub of soup to a restaurant or to a friend’s shindig. I always like to say – don’t make your eating habits or dietary fusses someone else’s problem. Like when you’re invited to a braai and you don’t eat meat, you can’t expect your host to buy soy sausages right?

3. If you really need that glass of wine – our a quarter glass into a goblet and dash it with a whole lotta soda – and keep topping it up. Nothing worse than, ‘why aren’t you drinking?’ and then having to explain why and justify your choice of diet when all you really want to say is feck off skinny!

4. When Day 5 finally arrives allowing you to have meat, buy a thick juicy steak or fresh piece of fish to prepare at home. Because it feels like a reward for all your efforts, it’ll give you the last bit of boost you need to make it through the last two days. And the reality is, once you stick with a cleansing detox or healthy diet right til the end, the more likely you are to come off it and keep on the straight and narrow.

5. Ask a pal to do it with you. I don’t think I could have done it without my husband.

6. Make sure you have an eating plan for when you come off the diet.

Good luck to those who endeavour!




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