what’s in a theme?

I seem to be battling to settle on a theme for my blog. In fact my blog has worn about five or six themes because I haven’t quite found the one I love. Whenever I visit other people’s blogs I’m seized by an attack of envy or put off by an attack of distaste. Let’s face it – design and layout is paramount (new favourite word) to the success of a blog. And for me, it’s the decider on whether I land on your blog and immediately leave or linger and little and explore and most importantly read. It’s something about the font and colour scheme, the way the elements are organised on a page and how they all work together to create the perfect platform for your story.

So once again, mine has undergone a revamp and as much as I liked the Stella theme I wore previously, something about it jarred and was irritating me every time I logged in. It seemed incomplete somehow. Back I went to the themes page to find a new one and I’m pleased to say this might be the one. It’s called Elegant Grunge. And it works so well with the kind of images I like to snap with my hipstamatic app. I’m still not decided on the name of my blog. And once I’ve decided that and what exactly my aim is (besides for the pure indulgence and enjoyment of words and design), I’ll enlist a web host and do a complete redesign. This doesn’t come cheap so you need to get it right first time. Suggestions welcome.


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