my blog of the week

It’s The Coveted and I discovered it while trawling Networked Blogs (you need a facebook account to access this network). Anyway, Jennine Jacob seems lovely – dig her cute cat-eye glasses… and her slogan be lovely be stylish be coveted. I love her easy unaffected writing style – from her first Anna Wintour citing to her take on fashion shows. But what really moved me to make her my blog of the week was her post about The Coveted’s fourth anniversary – in which she writes: ‘For anyone wanting to find out what they’re passionate about, I’d say start a blog. Start anywhere, it doesn’t matter, if you keep following what you love, your passion will find you. That’s what happened to me. How everything unfolded was not linear, being as social media is such a new industry, there is no formula for the 5 year plan. Bloggers don’t even have a formula for how they make a living off their blogs, each professional blogger has their own unique business. That’s what’s so great. We each find what we’re really good at and build from there.’

Don’t you just love that? I do. Funny, I always wondered who started the community Independent Fashion Bloggers – that all the cool fashion bloggers seem to be members of. Well, it was all Mrs Jacob’s idea! How strange that I should happen upon this interesting nugget of info…


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