skinny’s out flare’s in

And if Derek Lam’s flared high waisted jeans are anything to go by I think we’re in for a treat in terms of choice. I haven’t bought a decent pair of jeans since the skinny became a uniform because truth be told, they are not for everyone. Just because something comes in your size doesn’t mean you should/can wear it. I even went as far as buying a pair of bootcut jeans *shudders* – not exactly chic but between jeggings and skinny flares full figured women don’t have much choice. And no sadly I’ve never found the right boots so I couldn’t tuck my jeans in. What does bootcut mean anyway? The only shoes I could get away with wearing them with were sneakers. Pairing heels and bootcuts made me feel a teen playing at being an adult. Awkward. All I need now is to grow and afro and I can pretend it’s the 70s again.

So just a short post to say: this brings joy to my heart!


2 thoughts on “skinny’s out flare’s in

    • Hmm… you’re the first person to disagree. All I know is that skinny jeans won’t even fit over my ass – and I’m a UK 14 or Fr 42. Pretty average size I’d say. Or perhaps you have more choice when it comes to skinny jeans style where you are than we do here in South Africa 😉

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