barcelona baby

Ms Maya is almost 19 months now. And as the days progress her vocabulary grows at an awesome rate. ‘I’m finished,’ she says handing me her plate or ‘No ways,’ when we suggest it’s time to change her nappy. And the wonderful three-syllable word ‘butterfly’ sounds even more beautiful and impressive coming out of her little mouth. Yesterday I took her to a work function at Moyo, Zoo Lake – silly me thought it would be the perfect environment for a little one – animals and the park. But truth is, she was all over the place. I couldn’t completely focus on the hobnobbing at hand. She has the attention span of a Twitter user and is as quick getting across the room as a sparrow. My arm starts to ache when I hold her for too long. But I love having her around and I miss her when I’m at work or away for too long. So it’s with this knowledge that we need to decide whether we take her to Barcelona or not because as it turns out both sets of parents are not available to look after her while we are away.

So we have three options:

1. Take her to Barcelona and have our first holiday abroad as a family. And though Barcelona is known as a child friendly city, in summer, people eat out late – round 10pm – and parties start at midnight. And then of course the Sonar Festival… That means late mornings – and with a certain little girl who wakes up at 6am… can you imagine the babysitting bill at the end. Not ideal budget- and sanity-wise but do-able

2. Go to Barcelona on my own and hubby can change his ticket and perhaps join his brother and friends in London in May. So we’d both get to travel this year – but separately. But I’d really love for us to go together. So this is not ideal budget or romance-wise but do-able.

3. Postpone our trip by a couple weeks so my folks (read: mom) can look after Maya. This would mean missing out on Sonar; celebrating our (mine and my sister’s) Gemini birthdays apart and not in Barcelona as planned; and missing all our friends who are also going to be there at the same time. Not ideal but totally do-able.

Two cents anyone?


4 thoughts on “barcelona baby

  1. Take her with. Europe is very kid friendly in general.Besides it’ll be very special with her and well the festivals etc…you’ll work around.Kids mean early mornings until they’re teenagers and in their 20’s when you worry about them till the early hours of the morning.

    • Hmm… I’m not convinced about taking her. Especially on a 14-hour flight with a lay over at Frankfurt airport! Everything will have to be seriously planned beforehand and there won’t be much room for spontaneity – she still needs two naps a day.

  2. We travelled to Australia and New Zealand with E when he was 14 months old and he managed the long flight and jet lag better than we did! If you have baby sitting options, I think you would be fine. Travelling with a little one was easier than I expected. That being said, those five months might make all the difference – especially if she’s a busy bee 🙂

    • Hmm… maybe if she were younger perhaps. Even five months might make a difference but then she’s been walking since she was 11 months so maybe not. She’s a busy one this one. Anyway we’ve now eliminated the idea of taking her and are thinking we might travel separately OR postpone the trip by a few days…
      Thanks for the visit 😉

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