the year of the open letter

I can’t remember who tweeted that 2012 seems to be ‘the year of the open letter’… but I completely agree. It made me laugh out loud. From James Nculu’s open letter to Jimmy Manyi, Trevor Manuel’s open letter to Manyi, a 10-year-old girl who rapped to Lil Wayne about his derogatory lyrics in an open letter – (well on YouTube actuallly) and music exec Steve Stoute’s open letter in the New York Times about the Grammy’s… everyone’s writing open letters as if it’s the only efficient way to communicate. Still, they do seem to get the appropriate noises and attention from the relevant parties even if the authors do go on a bit… Are there any politicians out there who have blogs I wonder? Wouldn’t it be interesting to read Manuel’s daily blog posts with their various selected images… or even Manyi’s. I wonder what theme or font he’d use? Would certainly make for more interesting reads than open letters…



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