is it vanity or artistic expression?

I’ve always wondered about those fabulous blogs with one beautiful woman showing off her gorgeous wardrobe. At first when I started getting into blogs a few years ago I thought: I wonder how much they pay this woman… is it a friend… a model looking for work or publicity or a portfolio? I mean they’re always so well put together and the photography is just spot on. The treatment depending on the style of the blog is always so crisp and clean…

It was shortly after the wondering that I realised upon reading further that these women were the narrators of their blogs. And then I started thinking: is this vanity personified? Modelling clothes for us on a website? Clothes we mostly can’t buy (it’s vintage this and vintage that), not even garments that are made by the bloggers… just beautiful clothes to what? Inspire us? More like drive us crazy and turn us into online addicts! Don’t get it twisted I’m not ragging these ladies – from Fashion Toast‘s Rumi Neely to‘s Gala Gonzalez and my new favourite Karla’s Closet‘s Karla Deras… I mean just look at that image I’ve posted above… I’m just jealous dammit!

So what do you think? I’m curious to know whether you think it’s vanity or artistic expression?


2 thoughts on “is it vanity or artistic expression?

  1. karla is just *sigh* if i could just… *pause* you know, you walk around fairly happy with your style and the way you look and then *BAM* karla’s closet. i think most (all) forms of artistic expression involve a pretty high level of vanity. surely you have to be pretty sure enough about yourself and your work to share it with the world? no one expresses, on a public platform, something that they feel will be a (bad) misrepresentation of self. that stamp of approval (vanity/pride – which people seem more comfortable calling confidence) in whatever you have done gives you that push to put it out there. in different outfits. daily.

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