le labo


I found this lovely little perfumery, Le Labo, in Liberty London and promptly spent about an hour chatting with the really sweet assistant, sniffing all the fragrances in the hope of finding that signature scent for my sister. As a farewell gift. And I did – Rose 31. We all have our favourite scents – this one is Zan’s. And having worked in the beauty industry she would have come to know what she really likes. For the rest of us, it remains to be explored. And I’m not talking about favourite celebrity fragrances or signature scents from our favourite beauty houses. With the exception of a few like Tom Ford, The Serge Luten collection and the like, if you don’t travel, you are not privy to the wide selection of bespoke fragrances out there. When the assistant asked me what scents I like, I took my time about not… I wasn’t about to divulge the ones I used. He might have scoffed. So I did my best to describe the notes of my favourites: powdery, floral, not musky…’ I ran out of descriptors just there… but he knew exactly what to let me try. And I think I’m in love. It’s simply called Jasmine. An eau de parfum – of course, not a toilette… and it has rose, bergamote, vetiver, iris, jasmin, labdanum, neroli, ambrette, fleur d’oranger, cuir, musc, tubereuse, poivre, gaiac, patchouli.

So the next time someone asks me about my favourite fragrance, I shall simply name some of these key ingredients.


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