sometimes what you really wish for does come true…

About a week or so ago I met with a tarot card reader. The last time I met with one, Dana is her name, was the night of my hen party. And she not only predicted the arrival of Maya, but also the purchase of our first house – within 3-6 months she said. And of course I laughed at her. Not because I didn’t believe her as such but because I thought how ridiculous. How on earth are we going to afford either of those things! We’re about to get married, go on honeymoon and then put our minds to studying further… Some might argue that seeing a tarot card reader is like a self fulfilling prophecy. Once the idea is planted in your head. Subconsciously, you will it to happen.

Just recently my threadist, Cookie Khan from Carlton Hair in Hyde Park, urged me to visit a tarot card reader, by the name of Sharon… a new friend who was new to Johannesburg and who she thought I might be interested to meet. Strange because I’d never intimated to Cookie that I might be open to a little fortune telling. Anyway, I made a date with her and in the privacy of the Hyde Park Southern Sun Hotel she told me my fortunes. See below for a synopsis on what’s in store for me… in the mean time, I’ve been dying for an iPad. I’ve had dreams about it, once woken up with the distinct impression that I actually owned one, and eventually convinced my husband that I couldn’t live without one. Just a week ago, my editor was invited to London for a fabulous fashion label launch in London. She couldn’t attend. And so asked if I should like to. Of course I did! But I never thought that I would get my Schengen visa in time. Four days later, with visa in hand, I set off for London. And can you imagine what was waiting for us in our hotel rooms at the grand Dorchester Hotel – an iPad! *screams*

Here’s the reading…



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