how to name your blog

The past few days I’ve been trying to think of a new name for my blog… and in true modern (lazy style) I turned to google to look for articles on ‘how to choose a blog name’ and ‘top blog names’ and ‘most popular’… What we did before this search engine I’m not too sure because I swear that side of my brain does not work as efficiently anymore. Sad. But the search paid off – and gave me great portal idea to find a name for my blog: why, my music collection of course – everything from album titles to song titles! Or even book titles – now that I’m on a roll…

Lookee here. I don’t profess to be an expert. I’ve only been blogging for the past three and a bit years. But I thought having learn from my last (now abandoned) blog called My Year of Firsts, I might be so bold as to offer some tips in no particular:

* Keep it short and precise.
* Don’t try and be too clever – no one will pick up on it.
* Be as descriptive of what your blog is about in as few words as possible.
* The letter I is problematic in a name. It just looks wrong when written out in full. In the same vein forget about alphanumeric names. How much do you warm up to this name: recipes4u… Oh, and apostrophes are also a problem.
* Think ahead – if you decide to diversify will your blog name have longevity? I painted myself into a corner by naming my blog name after a specific time in my life. After that year I lost interest in it.
* Choose the same domain name as your blog name to avoid confusion. And make sure it hasn’t been taking before committing to because once you register your blog name, it’s like your ID number – you can’t change it.
* Always include a tag line – a short explanatory sentence/phrase to sum up your blog. Don’t agree? Think of those annoying folk on twitter with eggs as avatars and no bios. Grrr.
* or is the best way to go. It’s the first port of call when people are searching.

So let me tell you what I’m in the process of doing… choosing a blog name, doing a redesign (just some basic elements) and then finally finding a host (probably for my blog. All purely for the love of it. Such fun and games!


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