my second baby

So it’s decided then – I’m a Nikon girl. I still love the Leica but as has been pointed out – it’s a beautiful camera and way overrated and overpriced. So it came to a choice between a Nikon and a Canon. And after much research, Nikon came out tops! Two comparison charts helped me make the decision on which way to go – one was by Camera Labs and the other Snapsort. Also, the Nikon just felt right in my hands and so I went for it.

Meanwhile, all I want to do is go on holiday and take photos. Last night was lovely though – snapping photies at my friends’ wedding… But because it was the first time I had my baby out – it’s clear I still have to build the courage to step out of my muk-en-druk mode – you know, where you’re happy to sit in the pews or the sidelines and take a shot from where you sit. One day soon I’ll be one of those photographers who aren’t afraid to draw attention to themselves and get up close and personal. In the mean time, I need to learn about shutter speeds and apertures…

I apologize in advance for the ridiculous amount of photos I may start posting of my favourite subject: my little girl.


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