how to get angry birds on your iPad

Oh what sweet joy! I’ve finally managed to ‘crack the code’ which prevents South Africans from getting the best free and paid apps and music and movies and so forth from iTunes. The biggest issue being that you need a US credit card and address in order to access these features. Why? Who knows? But after battling for months I finally turned to my closest friend – Google. And she led me to iGeek. And here Gerhard takes you through how you need to do it. Thank goodness for Fake Name Generator, Gerhard and to iTunes for allowing you to select ‘none’ when you get to the part when you have to type in your credit card details. This last bit tripped me up – for a frustrating 20 minutes. I was stumped when they asked for a security code and even tried entering my own. But as it turns out, on reading the comments under Gerhard’s post, you don’t need to fill in any credit card details… select ‘none’.

Click here to find out how to do it. Angry Birds here I come! And I guess this means I’m either going to have to get a bigger date bundle or finally give into ADSL…

Oh yes, Gerhard adds at the end of this useful post that you can’t buy anything using your SA credit card but you can buy vouchers on Wildtwig and mp3sa.


2 thoughts on “how to get angry birds on your iPad

  1. But it wont allow you to create the account without a security key and fane name generator does not give you a security key for the card details

    • Hi Daniel

      Thanks for the visit – you actually don’t need to put in your card details. So no need to worry about security keys.
      Good luck 😉

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