my blog of the week

So fresh ‘n’ crisp this blog is – Jessica Claire is the name of the owner. And she’s wonderful wedding photographer… Makes me wish there were more inspiring themes available on wordpress. I’ve been moaning about this for a while and even started moving my blog posts onto the tumblr platform because I spied someone with the same theme as mine. So annoying! Childish you may think, but for me, it’s one of my pet hates. Makes my temperature and blood pressure rise. Copycats. It’s like a swear word. I even explored – though they have a nifty tool which moves all your old blog posts on its platform it’s a drybiscuit with none of the neat tricks wordpress has. Though I didn’t stick around to really find out… Plus the name put me off. from what I’ve seen also seems to have more exciting theme designs. But let me just chill and wait patiently until something better comes up. Either that or I’m going to be forced to spend $45 on a premium theme. Ouch!


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