dear janelle monae

I love Janelle Monae – from her voice to her moves to her hairdo… but girl! How long are you going to rock the monochromatic tuxedo style? I see at the Met Gala last you night you managed to make a few tweaks there what with the top hat and the liquid pant but you still look the same. Was chatting to my colleague about this very thing and she shares the same thoughts pointing out that even Pink had to get rid of that pink hair dye eventually.

So dear sweet Janelle, no one’s gonna say anything you if you decide you’d like to break out of the corner you’ve painted yourself into and try a splash of colour. There are so many beautiful frocks, skirts, blouses, jumpsuits… a world of fashionable prints, florals, colour blocks, neons, bright whites… all waiting for a new canvas.

So instead of this – as fly as you look…

… why not work more with this…


7 thoughts on “dear janelle monae

    • Yes! The updo is rocking! Lord knows finding the right style for us black women takes years! And this one works for her. By the way, have you found a salon in BCN?

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