I loved this term used by @TerryPheto when I showed her the before and after photos of GMTV weather presenter Claire Nasir. We both agreed we were gong to hang up this spread in our homes as ‘thinspiration’. After seeing it Amanda decided not to open that bag of crisps after all, and perhaps remove the towel from her elliptical trainer and don the old sneakers. I felt a similar guilt. In fact it got quite a bit of reaction when I posted it on Twitter so I thought I’d upload it on my blog. Isn’t it insane! She’s like a different person! And all she says it took was a four-days-a-week training sessions for one and a half hours with a personal trainer (two trainers actually) as well as a strictly regimented diet on the advice on a nutritionist. Strange actually because I went to see a nutritionist just the other day. It’s not that I don’t know what I should or shouldn’t eat, it’s just that sometimes you just need a little helping hand from the food police that comes in the form of a biweekly appointment and weigh in.

So Ms Nasir doesn’t touch sugar or what she calls bad carbs. Apart from the odd glass of wine which she says she relishes, life is pretty much of an oats, tuna salad and grilled vegetables existence. Hardcore. But worth the pay off? I just keep staring at her previously holey thighs…

Easy Living magazine, May 2011


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