coldplay is coming coldplay is coming coldplay is coming!

After overhearing a twitter conversation between @giselewaymes and @saulkza I immediately put feelers out to find out more… and 15 minutes later a trusted little birdie confirmed that Coldplay is definitely coming! *muffles screams* This is it! This is the concert we’ve all been praying for! Everyone’s favourite band will be here in South Africa in October! The official announcement will be made on 94.7 on Monday. I wonder how that’s going to affect Kings of Leon ticket sales… probably not at all. All I know is I’m prepared to pay top dollar for golden circle tickets for this one! This is huge! I’m not doing pleb row – no siree! I want to be able to see the freckles on Chris Martin’s face…

But guys can you imagine! We’ll be screaming and swaying and crying and singing along to all our favourites: Fix You, Viva La Vida, Lovers in Japan, In My Place, The Scientist, Everything’s Not Lost, Yellow, Clocks…

What are some of your favourites?


4 thoughts on “coldplay is coming coldplay is coming coldplay is coming!

  1. Reading this I began dry-heaving at the prospect… So excited. So many favourites. Parachutes could be one of the most comprehensively sublime albums of all time. I do hope that folks don’t go buying the maximum ticket amount for the purpose of resale with interest.
    Thanks for this 🙂

    • This could easily turn out to be the ‘best concert we’ve ever been to!’ Can’t wait! And thanks for the visit and comment!

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