my version of a bucket list

Honestly I think Bucket Lists are creepy. The thought of making yourself a list of things to do before you die? But after seeing quite a few floating around in cyberspace I thought I’d make a list of my own – but I’m going to call this my Action List. It’s what I call everything I want or need to do as soon as possible. Usually it’s work related – this list is all about enriching personal me. It’s a list in progress…

So in no particular order:

* Do a short course in illustration. I know I can draw but I need to find my own style and confidence. So envious of all the beautiful illustrators out there.

* Live abroad for at least a year or two.

* Buy an SLR camera

* Get an iPad

* Drop a dress size (or two) – My POA is actually already in progress so I hope to cross off this one off my list very soon.

* Make the move from BlackBerry to Apple.

* Write a novel – My husband keeps nagging me. I have a vague idea regarding subject matter but I’m not altogether convinced that anyone would be interested in reading it so…

* Study a short course in web design and learn basic HTML and CSS.

* Start my own business – yep just working on/waiting for that small/big idea.

* Learn Mandarin and get a tutor for Ms Maya – Chinese is the future!

* Practice my French – I majored in it in varsity and I can feel it slipping away.

* World Cup 2014 in Brazil – enough said.

* Have another baby – son or daughter I don’t mind though I’d really love a boy. A pigeon pair you know. I don’t want Maya to miss out on the wonderful gift of having a sibling. This will immediately followed by a breast reduction and lift. Mama’s tired of these double d’s.


5 thoughts on “my version of a bucket list

  1. love your bucket list, zods. can totally see you crossing every line out – and some. you go girl. i believe in you. X

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