the art of smelling

Does anyone else’s 20 month old smell their food deeply and thoroughly before eating? Ms Maya does. She won’t open her mouth until she has deemed the food edible by virtue of its smell. Hence no eggs will pass through her lips (she wrinkles her nose at us when we’re eating them), no olives (they’re probably a little too unfamiliar for her palate) or overripe bananas (granted I won’t either)… and if she smells too much spice in her plate she says ‘hot hot hot’. Beyond the food category, she smells her socks when I take them off her feet and her daddy’s shoes when he slips them off his feet at the end of a working day. She takes the dirty clothes out of the washing basket and sniffs deeply saying ‘Sies’ as she waves them about. And then immediately wraps them around herself or tries to tie them around her head.

This is her in action. And she takes it so seriously. It’s seriously cute though.


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