how i’m going to vote today

This is the first year that I’m feeling rather torn about my vote. I remember voting four years ago, belly full of Maya ready to vote for change of the status quo, I made my X. And I think it went a long way into unsettling the arrogance that our current government has. They’ve become a bunch of lazy greedy fat cats and frankly I’m tired of hearing about the crimes of corruptions, the squandering of state money, the tenderprenuers, the nepotism and and and and… I say those words quite easily but I can’t tell you how much it annoys me when the other parties base their electioneering on attacking the ANC in that way. Stupid I know because they’re right – I just don’t want to hear it from them. Nx! And then the smses this morning and the previous night telling us ‘we can win Joburg’. Where the hell did they get our cell numbers from anyway? On Twitter last night someone said: “My mother says if she had received that sms she would have replied ‘Fuck off you lesbian!'” Such deep seated resentment. I can only imagine how people who aren’t as fortunate feel about the DA. Though the ANC’s threats of wrath by our ancestors and guaranteeing us places in heaven… that’s on another level.

And what makes me feel better about how I’m going to vote? I keep reminding myself that these are municipal elections; not national elections – let’s leave the emotion out it and vote for practicality and results: which party will come close to fixing, maintaining, upgrading, delivering service, running… your neighbourhood or community? Dear South Africa, my beloved country, we don’t have much else choice. Let’s try a new government.

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