off to the 031 collection in durban

I’m flying down to Durban tomorrow for the 031 Collection – Durban’s premier fashion show presented by Mr Price. I’m busy checking out Mr Price Blog – In the Fashion Loop to see where the Durban scene is at in terms of dress up. Even though I grew up there – I was a school girl who wasn’t allowed out much (unless I snuck out) or when I’d come back to visit when I was in varsity (which wasn’t that often because I was always working). My husband still doesn’t get how I could have grown up there and don’t know how to direct him to various spots around town when we go home to visit. It’s quite different getting to know a city when you didn’t get to drive yourself around it much. Anyway, Mr Grahamstown must keep quiet *throws side eye and pursed lips* I totally stole some of their cute poly’s from the 031 blog to show you some of the models – and of course Agyness Deyn who has styled the collection. I’m hoping to take a few street style snaps of my own. So stay tuned and check in on Marieclairvoyant too. I wonder if we’re getting that Deyn interview though… either way I’m looking forward to a fresh fashion perspective. Let me go pack.


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