my interview with aggy deyn

I’m quite bleak about the fact that I didn’t get a proper photo with Aggy Deyn. The PR guy’s camera decided to get stuck when it was my turn to have a picture taken after the interview. And then my iPod failed me – the interview took place in the early evening and iPods are not cameras. And then of course I didn’t want to come off as some crazy fan desperate to get my picture on any device. I’m just not the type to go scrambling after a celeb’s autograph or or ask if I can take a photo. They’re just normal people after all. Pride. I thought I might be able to get one later but I got distracted by meeting various other Durban lovelies. She is lovely by the way. Aggy is flawless and fabulous and really so relaxed and unfazed by her fame and fortune. She’s one of those who speak in hushed but clear tones so you’re forced to lean in and pay attention. And she’s really careful about who she says is among her fashion favourites – she doesn’t say. She counts herself lucky to have been at the right place at the right time … but that’s all I’m going to say because you’ll have to wait for an upcoming issue of Marie Claire to check out the full interview.

I just wanted to add here though that I always forget how warm and friendly Durban folk are. Having ‘grown up’ there and now living in Joburg I forget how approachable and unaffected people there are. Here are some of the lovely faces…

Fashion designer/stylist Khumo Moshimane

Trend exec Joanne Coelho and Trend forecaster Hannah Cuthbert

Zelna Breedt and me


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