becoming a student again

…well not really, I’ve just registered for a short course in Web Design and Application Development at CityVarsity, starting next week – and I’m incredibly excited to start. You have know idea how much it frustrates me that I can’t figure out code or build my own websites or tweak around with confidence in the back end. I’m also super pumped that I’ll be walking away with a skill I can build on rather than having to write an exam to prove that I can. I hate exams!

It’s probably too late to ask but has anyone studied at CityVarsity? Good vibes?

The short course in Web Design and Application Development teaches delegates how to use Adobe’s Creative Suite to create static websites and dynamic database driven web applications (PHP/MySQL model). Although the delegate will get a basic exposure to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL the aim of this course is to teach delegates how to use the various software applications’ graphical user interface to create web sites.

Principals and practice of web design Formal tutorial

Designing for web – gathering info and content for your site
Designing your look and feel + follow on pages
Slicing, optimizing and saving images for the web
Dreamweaver overview + Create and Manage your site
Implementing your design in HTML and CSS
Adding functionality to your buttons and links
Cross-browser testing and uploading your site via FTP

I guess I can only cross it off my Action List after I finish the course right?


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