a yemeni feast

Just came home from a wonderful cultural feast at a friends’ house – from the food to watching their wedding video showing the traditional cultures celebrated. Sadly we couldn’t make the trip to Israel for the festivities. Love the costumes, and colours and dancing! Yemen food has a heavy Turkish influence – and is just packed with flavours of tumeric, garlic, almonds, Hawayji (Yemen spice mix), cardamon, coriander seeds, minced meat, chickpeas, chicken… I particularly loved the kebabs and the traditional Yemeni soup which is made from flavours I couldn’t put my finger on with floating balls of spicy minced meat in a dumpling case… oh! and the meat pastry with almonds (above), and the fried puff pastry. Sinfully delicious.


traditional yemini soup

chickpea stew with couscous



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