photography for a beginner

Had a gorgeously indulgent day today  (while my BlackBerry kept winking at me) getting to know my Nikon D3100 a bit better. It’s the free training course that comes with the purchase of the camera. I remember my Art History class in varsity had a photography component but without your own camera, it was all theory and nothing really made sense. You just learnt words like aperture and shutter speed and exposure parrot fashion and hoped for the best by the time exams roll around. Others of course, went on to major in photography. I just knew I would never be able to afford the camera so it was just something I swore to explore later on in life. You see, my parents had four of us to through varsity and I knew for me, photography would be a hobby not a profession. But back to the present: first and foremost I can now switch the setting from no flash and auto (known as dummy settings) to programme and even manual (when I’m feeling brave enough). Oh the wonderful things I learnt to do today including this neat party trick…

It’s called a colour outline using the retouching setting on the camera menu. Ooooh I can’t wait to take it on holiday!



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