goodbye blackberry hello samsung

I’ve been threatening to move to iPhone as soon as my upgrade kicks in in October. I’ve been a BlackBerry user for six years now but as a loyal Mac user and a new iPod owner I’ve felt ready to make the move. That is until I got the Samsung Omnia 7 with Windows Phone 7 to review. So I’m getting to grips with a beautiful sleek touch screen phone (see above) but I can tell you one thing – I’m missing my BlackBerry immensely. Not the actual phone but the data package deal that comes with all BlackBerrys. In the name of doing a comprehensive review last I cancelled my BIS (which cost me R66 unlimited data) and bought a 300MB data bundle from Vodacom for R120. They say it takes 24 hours to activate so I’m patiently waiting for that to kick in. It makes me nervous that I now have to monitor my data usage on my phone. but I’ve capped it at 300MB – this could prove to be a really clever or super frustrating move on my part. A couple of weeks ago I asked twitterville whether anyone had moved from a BlackBerry phone to an iPhone and what sort of data packages they were on. No response. So either no one has or no one wants to say or perhaps I need to tweet the question again.

I’ll keep you posted on how the phone goes. Either this will convert me and I’ll upgrade to an iPhone come October or I’ll stay Team BlackBerry forever.


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