looks like we’re moving back to cape town

My first real job was in Cape Town – as a sub-editor and reporter on community newspapers. It actually started out as a paid internship and then Independent Newspapers Cape offered me a full-time job. It feels like aeons ago. I was earning more than my hubby was at the time (he was doing his articles), taking taxis to work, far away from home and enjoying complete independence. And now we are returning – leaving the rat race so to speak. Our house is sold which saddens me to no end. I love our first home. If we could afford to keep it we would have but knowing the property prices in Cape Town… On the upside, the house is staying in the family. The photos: one of my favourite memories in our house. Playing ball with Maya out in the backyard.

I always wanted to return to Cape Town. I love the lifestyle. And contrary to popular Joburg opinion I love the people too. But there are some big decisions to make: Should we rent first and then buy later? But that means two big moves… Should we start looking to buy seriously – stall the move and only do so once we find a home to buy? But that means heading to Cape Town to do some househunting in between. Where does one find the time? And the money for all the back and forth. Should we live in a big house in the suburbs or in a chic City Bowl apartment? I wouldn’t mind flat living – we did it for many years but we love the idea of having a garden and no interfering body corporates. Where is Maya going to go to school? Private or government? Close to work or close to home? Should we sell as much as possible and start afresh? What month shall we move? There’s still so much to do. Plus – what about our Coldplay golden circle concert tickets booked for Soccer City in October and the friends we’ve invited to stay with us over that weekend? Should we take our nanny and her husband and son with us? It’s a huge responsibility and also means we’d need to find a house with a garden cottage… At least we don’t have to worry about work as we’re both moving with our current companies. And another thing we know for certain: we know we’re going to love it there – especially Ms Maya.


2 thoughts on “looks like we’re moving back to cape town

  1. Wow honey! Can’t believe you are moving back and
    We are moving to natal! Plenty of big decisions
    Ahead for sure. From my side, I would rent
    First. There are so many very different
    Neighbourhoods , might be better to get a
    Good feel before you buy.And also might take
    Some of the financial pressure off. I can
    Only recommend schools etc in our area, as
    That is all I know. We live in blouberg
    Currently. If you want any info, I will help
    Wherever I can. Good luck with your choices.
    Cape town is an amazing place! Xxx

    • Thanks Leigh! You’re moving back to Natal? Hoekom?
      Meanwhile renting in CT – prices sure have shot up! Not like the good ole days…

      Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

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