my sister’s flat in barcelona

Zanele’s flat in BCN makes me want to sell everything too and live in an entirely new space. I guess the move to Cape Town will tick a few boxes but nothing beats a sexy city apartment in the the heart of the city – okay, well, a little to the right of it, depending on which side you’re standing. So she and her lovely flatmate Miren invited us for Sunday supper and was a feast! I’m not crazy about the images I took of the food. Doesn’t do it justice. Not even happy with these ones but you get the vibe of the place. Good news is Hein seems to have warmed up to the idea of living in an apartment again when we get to CT. Hope we’ll be able to find one in our price range.

Love these little dolls … I think Miren says they were a part of an artist’s work which were turned into a room divider of sorts.

A corner of Zan’s room


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