cheap tapas

Found this cute little bar called Bilbao in the Born district. I love the idea of picking anything you want off the bar counter – each dish is €1.75, then you sit down at your table eat and the little sticks are counted up at the end. Glass of wine or cervejas or clara is also €1.75. I love tapas and quite easily eat like this all the time. So many exciting ingredients and flavours and combinations to excite your plate. Quite tricky to eat though as you can see. And not quite as cheap as you initially think. This spot is a little commercial but works out well when the pennies are running low toward the end of the trip…


2 thoughts on “cheap tapas

  1. Bwuuwaahaahaa!!! Does Hein know you posted this pic of him? So funny!! You should actually shop this pic round to restaurants..would make a really good ad. Food looks Glorious!!!

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