my blog of the week

Sorry – I had to do two ‘my blog of the week’ posts this week! I just couldn’t wait!

Thanks to our Marie Claire Body Politics columnist Zanele Mji (read her post on marieclairvoyant on ‘kinky hair’) I’ve cottoned onto an exciting new blog! It’s called Le Coil and features page after beautiful page on the most beautiful black woman with gorgeous natural hair. Reminds me of the blog called Black Chicks with Freckles I wrote about a while back.

I have singles in my hair at the moment because I’m giving my hair a break from the elements in an attempt to rock an afro for summer. Definitely going to use this portal as hairstyle inspiration. A lot of our fashion director Sharon Becker’s shoots are also featured on the blog – like that hot Grace Jones fashion feature! Also, it’s a sneak peak cover of our Hair supplement out in the August issue. Can you guess which one it is? It’s one of the images I’ve posted on this post – when Sharon showed it to me I knew we had to have it!


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