keep calm and carry on

Regarding this whole Cape Town move, as it transpires, it seems it’s much cheaper to buy a house than it is to sell one. Between the laywer’s fees and the municipality demanding that we pay 6-months’ rates and utilities upfront before the transfer of the house can be lodged, I didn’t quite expect having to fork out quite so much.

And then of course we have to guestimate when the transfer will actually go through… which means we have to time our move accordingly bearing in mind that even if we find our dream house we need to put in an offer, and that has to be accepted and then processed… oh lordie! The math. So there’s nothing for it but to pick a month (I’m thinking September), look for a place to rent (in the City Bowl) for a few months and move to Cape Town. Everything else will fall into place.

And then perhaps when we’re all moved in I’ll reward myself with this lovely deck chair from Notonthehighstreet. It’s my mantra for the coming months. Keep calm and carry one. Still amazes me how this little poster produced by the Brits in 1939 to raise morale now fetches a £150 price tag all stretched out on this here deck chair.


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