how we got bryanboy to south africa

After almost a year of planning and pitching and ploting, thanks to a wonderful woman called Bambina Olivares Wise and her friendship with BryanBoy, and the financial backing of Sunglass Hut, we (team Marie Claire SA) finally managed to get this talented blogger to South Africa.

Bryan and I have spent months chatting on skype trying to figure out the SA embassy in Manila, Philippines where he’s from, emailing back and forth, booking flights trying to wrangle upgrades, arranging accommodation, booking venues… and it’s all been worth it. And so in celebration of that triumph, we all gathered at Bambina’s house for a home cooked meal of prawn risotto, sizzling beef and wasabi mash and mange touts, and the most decadent chocolate torte and ice cream.

Was such an intimate evening and a wonderful opportunity to get to know Bryan a little better. He has such a contagious positive and high spirit and quite honestly one of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time.

Bambina cooking up a storm


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