morning cravings

Today I woke up thinking about lunch. Why can’t I be one of those pregnant women who lose their appetite and have to ‘force themselves to eat’. This is what one mother told me over the weekend. Mxim! Instead, I have these insane all-consuming cravings. Yesterday, after work I drove directly to the Woolworths to buy a box of Cornflakes. I haven’t eaten Cornflakes since I lived at home. Anyway I got the box and happily ate them this morning for breakfast. Hubby was also delightfully surprised by how delicious they tasted. You see we’re usually bran or oats or toast people.

Anyway, today I’m craving seafood (moules-frites to be specific) and clara! Oh how I miss drinking clara. It’s all we drank in Barcelona. It’s one part beer and one part lemon soda. The most refreshing thing ever.


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