weekend snaps

There’s nothing like a restorative rest in the bush. I actually didn’t even mind the daily 5am wake up calls for the game drives. I was planning to use the pregnancy card for the last morning but not even a slight case of nausea could keep me away from getting those wildlife shots. Not with the Nikon D5100s being launched at Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge over the weekend. Growing up Sabi Sabi used to be this highly luxe, way out of my league destination you used to hear only the rich talking about – the place I would never get to visit…. So strange and satisfying to be able to tick that box now. Granted, I don’t think I’d ever be able to afford to go back under my own steam.

Admittedly, the one cute lion shot was taken by renowned photographer Jacques Weyers. I let him fiddle with my loaned D5100 – he’d left his Nikon DSX behind. I don’t think he expected to bump into a pride of eight female lion +10 cubs on our last game drive. These are the snaps I’m most proud of…


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