natural hair

I spend every other night plaiting my hair into little ones to encourage growth. Only to unplait it in the morning before getting ready work. It’s time consuming but it also allows me the time to let my mind be free and strangely enough the plaiting – with my hands up in the air and my fingers working the soft curls into braids – miraculously unravels my mind. I think of nothing. I find it also heals the headaches I’ve been battling with since I became pregnant. Par for the course, my obgyn says. The headaches that is.

I know my hair length is not quite there yet but I’m busy exploring natural hair styles. I remember Sunday evenings spent sitting on the floor between my mother’s legs, twisting and wincing and occasionally yelping ‘eina’ as my she whipped my hair into the neatest cornrows using my own hair – not wool, French plaits (the black version), fours, singles… Four heads she had to do. Me and my three sisters. And we each had our special do’s in mind. And they would stay in for about a week – until the next sunday when the ritual would be repeated just before she would get up to prepare Sunday supper. That’s when I started to hate Carte Blanche. It always signalled the end of the weekend. Proper. The dedication of our mothers though…

As black South African women we are constantly bombarded with images of blond weaves, girls with flowing straight hair extensions, girls in the movies flicking their long locks… I’m trying to get inspiration for how to do my hair for events and affairs and work using my own hands. Or maybe I can find an interesting cut. So I refer to my favourite natural hair portal… le coil





4 thoughts on “natural hair

  1. Makes me think of Chris Rock’s film Good Hair, have you seen it? I had intended to watch it sometime, then it fell out of my conciousness..

    • No – I’ve been wanting to see it for the longest time and have yet to see it in the video store. Mind you – I haven’t been to the video store in over a year. Once we got PVR we couldn’t justify hring movies at R30 a pop. will get my hands on it somehow though.

  2. Lovely post lady, your thoughts about natural hair resonate with so many other women as well. Don’t stop loving your natural beauty-it makes life sweeter.

    FYI….If you ever have any issues with tangled hair-gives us a shout.


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