my latest obsession


Two magazines that simply melt my heart and bring a gentle calm to my disposition and smile of satisfaction are: Frankie and The Gentlewoman. I’m obsessed with them. Someone asked me: what about Vanity Fair. I gave them a side eye. It’s not about escaping. And it’s slightly alienating though the writing is top class. The aforementioned represent exactly why I got into the magazine industry. Once in an interview I was asked: what magazine would you love to edit. I was stumped. That was a while back – before I discovered Frankie. And now, I can add a new obsession to the collection:

Kinfolk Magazine A guide for small gatherings. It’s a quarterly print and tabloid magazine described as ‘a collaborative effort to encourage a more natural approach to entertaining. It’s the marriage of our appreciation for art and our love for spending time with family and friends.’

It costs $24 but it’s free online – up to a certain date that is. I’ve just subscribed. And can’t wait to page through that first issue. their journal is pretty good too. Sadly I missed the first print run which sold for $39, but just in time for the reprint for a cheaper price. I hope it arrives like this…

Here are a few delicious pages to peruse…


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