big bra issues

Everyone in the office is talking about the Country Road sale that’s on at the moment and all I’m thinking is – I need a whole new maternity wardrobe. I wish I could wear the maternity wear I bought the last time I was pregnant but sadly it was winter then. Note the sarcasm. I hated what I wore in 2009! Lined summer dresses are called for. Lots of blousy pretty tops. More leggings.

Worst thing about this pregnancy – only four months in – is that my breasts have expanded at such an alarming rate. After Maya I reverted (I use this word lightly) to a size 34 DD – I was previously a 34 D. And now I’m a 36 F. So not only am I carrying extra boobage; I also seem to be carrying high. I can’t even sleep on my stomach anymore. Depressing state of affairs and a very different pregnancy from the first time around. I’m happy to report though that both Woolworths and Triumph (available at Edgars) have got some great bras for cups that are bigger than your average. Woolworths’ Pure Luxury range is especially lovely and great quality. The kind of bra shown in the first image is exactly what I’m on the look out for but the strap needs to be adjustable – not just at the back but needs to come all the way to the front. Like this one. Not as pretty but functional and comfortable. So I’ve ordered it.


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